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The Buddha, dwelling into the circuit of a computer or in transmission gears of a motorbike with the same ease that on top of a mountain or in the petals of a flower.

 V.I.P. Racing Sport Association Dilettantistica, is born from the passion for the " MOTORE" , from the race and a multi-year experience in the well known hospitality of the people of Romagna , a place where as though by magic are born and live among the most beautiful racing motorbike reality national and international, often independent of each other but united by a "milieu" of traditions and experiences centered in few kilometers. 

International circuits, world champions constructors, world champions riders, winning racing team, motorcycle clubs with such passion have created a "milieu" unique and successful in the world.

To run is the instinct, the hospitality is an art.

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    Fantastic supersports motorbike

    2 years ago

    The technological evolution of the last generation of sport bikes makes them more competitive and similar to the racing bike

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    How does the multiair "MULTIAIR® Fiat" works

    3 years ago

    Within the coming years the new Fiat MULTIAIR® thrusters that promise consumption and emissions record. Here's how it whorks The waiting was long but at the Geneva Motor Show has finally been officially...

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    How to adjust the suspension of the motorbike or motorcycle

    3 years ago

    The adjustment of the suspension of a motorcycle is a very complex and requires great experience. This article will try to illustrate the principles and once assimilated everything we can make simple adjustments,...

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    How to replace clutch cable of motorcycle

    2 years ago

    One of the most annoying problems for a motorcyclist it's the broken clutch cable often it breaks without warning, or discover that it is very worn and need to act quickly to replace it. The operation is simple, fast...

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    How to replace front fork springs of motorcycles

    3 years ago

    The replacing of springs of the front of their motorcycle it's one of the most common procedures to improve vehicle dynamics, but not everyboby is familiar with the tools or the fear of combining a number of other...

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